Hi, I’m Joseph Arnone.

My personal website is a creative playground where I share ideas, concepts and projects with you at random.

I’ve been involved in the performing arts since I was a kid.  I’m from New York (born and raised) and have traveled through my life so far as an actor, writer, director and producer for film, tv, theatre and the internet.

I am also the creator/founder of a site called MonologueBlogger.com, a media company that creates original stories for a global audience and serves the performing arts community with scripts, monologues and plays.

I’ve always been a big fan of short films and launched MB Shorts, a channel that shares/reviews the work of so many wonderful filmmakers.

I’ve recently completed my first book, Performing Your Monologue, which discusses the acting craft of monologue performance.  The book contains additional chapters on how you can adapt a monologue into a short film and also dives into online marketing.

Thanks for checking me out.